Unique Designs, Consistent Product and Service

Each solar array we design is unique based upon the energy needs of property, the placement of the panels, and the preferences of the customer. You can get a taste of the variety of designs when you see some of our #CentralIllinois jobs pictured here. However, two things remain the same for each installation; the quality of the SunPower systems we use and our commitment at Legacy Solar to serving our customers well.

SunPower offers complete systems that are designed to work together. Every component, from the panels to the monitoring software, perfectly complements the others to yield the most efficient home solar system on the market. SunPower also offers an industry-leading warranty that covers the whole system for 25 years, including performance, labor, and parts. Not only are the products we work with top-notch, but we believe in treating our customers like family. That means we walk with customers every step of the way, answering questions and taking care of issues that may arise. We are a Central Illinois family owned and operated business that believes our customers are our neighbors.