Legacy Solar: A Local Company Providing an Internationally Recognized Product

Do you want to shop local and work with a family business that has deep roots Central Illinois? Do you want a solar system from an internationally respected manufacturer with 30+ years of experience in the solar industry and an unmatched, comprehensive warranty?

Then you want Legacy Solar, a SunPower Elite Dealer.

Bloomington, Illinois residents, Luke and Angie Luginbuhl, started Legacy Solar out of a strong desire to offer an alternative to the traditional electricity suppliers.

They, like many #Illinois homeowners have seen electricity prices continue rising and, as parents and people of faith, they were concerned with the environmental impact energy production continues to have on the earth.

When Luke, then a science educator at Illinois State University's prestigious University High School, Normal IL began looking into solar as a viable alternative for electricity production, his extensive research naturally led him to Sun Power.

Sun Power has manufactured more than one BILLION solar cells that have been used by businesses including Disney and Walmart, homes around the nation, and even on a solar-powered airplane that flew across America! SunPower has been at the forefront of nearly every advance in solar technology and is ROOTED IN THE UNITED STATES, employing more than 17,500 U.S. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ workers across 40 states! With all of that in mind, as well as the comprehensive system design and 25-year Complete Confidence warranty, SunPower was the clear choice for the Luginbuhl's own solar needs.

The experience made Angie and Luke passionate about bringing solar to families and businesses in Central Illinois. Thus, Legacy Solar was born.

Working with Legacy Solar means that if you have a problem with your solar system, you only have to make one phone call to one local number and we'll be there. It means we walk with you every step of the way...guaranteed.

So, what are you waiting for?

Luke and Angie of Legacy Solar