Portable Off-Grid System

I would never use a product I haven't tried.  In this video Toby and I are experimenting with a portable off-grid system. You could use a system like this to recharge a fishing battery down at the dock, attach it to the top of your work truck for charging your tools, you could use it for LED lighting on your next camping trip, and many more things.  These systems are very affordable, easy to setup, and require very little maintenance.  Contact me if you are interested in a system like this. 

For those that like specs, for this system I am using a 340 W 72 cell Mission Panel to charge a battery. I am intentionally do this during cloud cover to see if it will still charge and run the 52 watt fan simultaneously.  The results were good.  It was able to charge the battery and run the fan.  

I was inspired to design my own type of portable system because I was frustrated by the portable 100 W panel and system I purchased online. The one I purchased couldn't charge the battery and run a small fan simultaneously during a bright day. You can find the cheap 100 W systems in most big box hardware stores and you will get what you pay for.  If I know a little bit about what you need, I can design exactly the right system for you so you don't waste your money on a cheap and ineffective system. 

Luke LuginbuhlComment